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Jaquar E‑PACE

In profile, E‑PACE's sweeping roofline blends with a spoiler that sits over a steeply raked rear window. Optional 21” alloy wheels* further underscore E‑PACE sporting character. From behind, full LED tail lights provide a truly distinctive night time signature.

FIT YOUR LIFE INSIDEE-PACE has plenty of space for everything you need. With its deep centre cubby box and sculpted door bins, interior stowage is the best in its class. For simple, practical loading, E-PACE's loadspace is up to 1.3 metres wide, while optional powered gesture tailgate1 lets you open the boot hands-free. Making it easy to enjoy your favourite activities – from cycling to swimming – the wearable and waterproof optional Activity Key allows you to keep your car key stored securely in the car. Even when you're heading off on a weekend away, you can take everything you need thanks to E-PACE's towing capacity of up to 1,800kg. See pages 32-37 for details.

636625099162550182MYHEAD-TURNING GOOD LOOKS For a striking on-road presence, sleek LED headlights and signature LED tail lights are standard. To enhance E-PACE's appearance even further, Matrix LED headlights with signature Daytime Running Lights and 21" alloy wheels2 are also available as options. The style extends to the driver-focused interior, which features premium quality materials.

INGENIUM ENGINESA choice of three petrol and three diesel Ingenium engines are available, delivering efficient, refined and responsive driving. Options include the economical 2.0 litre 4 cylinder 132kW All Wheel Drive (AWD) Turbocharged Diesel, which can achieve from 147g/km CO2 and 5.6l/100km. For increased performance, there's the 2.0 litre 4 cylinder 183kW All Wheel Drive (AWD) Turbocharged Petrol that can reach a top speed of 240km/h with 0-100km/h acceleration in 7.1 seconds.

CONNECTED EVERYWHEREE-PACE offers a range of features to make your life more connected on every journey. To ensure you and your passengers enjoy the journey whilst remaining connected to the world outside, our optional Connect Pro Pack3 features Pro Services, 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot and Smart Settings. Smartphone Pack is also available, making it easy to use tailored apps on the 10" Touchscreen. With up to five USB sockets in the car, it's simple for every occupant to keep devices fully charged.

DRIVER ASSISTANCE AND SAFETYTo offer reassurance and information, standard driver assistance features include Lane Keep Assist, Driver Condition Monitor, Rear Camera and Front and Rear Parking Aid. For optimum safety, E-PACE has been engineered to include a wealth of systems, including Dynamic Stability Control and Emergency Brake Assist. Helping your eyes distinguish objects more easily, LED headlights produce a highly focused beam with a quality of light that is close to daylight. Increasing pedestrian safety, E-PACE also features a pedestrian airbag as standard.



All Ingenium diesel engines are based around a deep-skirt aluminium cylinder block featuring thin-walled, press-fit cast iron liners for optimum weight, surface finish and robustness. The high-pressure common rail direct fuel injection, exhaust variable cam timing and a high-efficiency water-cooled intercooler work in combination for a clean, efficient combustion. The engine features a variable geometry turbocharger that adapts to the changing flow of exhaust gases, for high torque throughout the rev range and responsiveness that is uniform, progressive and reduces lag.


The intelligent Continuously Variable Valve Lift (CVVL) system varies the extent to which inlet valves are opened, reducing engine pumping losses. This lets the engine 'breathe' with maximum efficiency, optimising power and torque. CVVL works in combination with dual independent Variable Cam Timing (VCT) for ultimate operating flexibility, resulting in excellent power and fuel economy across the rev range.

D180 AWD AUTO2.0L | 4-cylinder | Turbocharged132kW | 430Nm Optimised for a mix of economy and performance.• Optimised injectors precisely control the amount of fuel that enters the combustion chamber for maximum efficiency.

P250 AWD AUTO2.0L | 4-cylinder | Turbocharged183kW | 365Nm Optimised for increased power without compromising fuel economy.• For excellent acceleration and effortless overtaking, CVVL works in combination with dual independent Variable Cam Timing to deliver maximum torque at 1,350 rpm.• The twin-scroll turbocharger is fed by an integrated exhaust manifold which increases the transfer of energy to the turbine – significantly reducing turbo lag and improving engine response

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